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Athena Insurance and Financial Services Sponsors is my pet project because I want fruits and veggies that have the sugars and flavors that God intended them to have.

As a young boy I remember seeing orchards in Hayward and in Oakdale.  Peaches! Oh boy! Peaches so big and so juicy that when I took a bite…the juice would run down my arm.  The sugars in that peace were so good.  Yum!

Tomatoes! Oh.. here I go.. in the summer time my tomatoes were so ripe, the color so dark and the flavor. Yum.

Today I rarely purchase either from the grocery stores. It is just too disappointing to me. Now, fast forward.

I have been living in the foothills since 1985.  People up here have “land” and resources but not a way to market their crops and other products.  Sure, there are farmers markets and farmers markets are a good thing.  I like em too.

I remember growing a couple of varieties of zucchini squash and what look liked little flying star fish.. lol.  After the bloom oh my gosh! I could have feed the neighborhood.  And oh, the apricots and peaches. Did I mention I love peaches? lol

What if all the people around the USA could post “Harvest Events for free?”

“What if all the people around the USA could post a Harvest Event for free?”

If you have a “Harvest Event” or any event that is agriculturally related post your events for free! Here is the link “post event” and  registration is free too!


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