Farm Insurance

U.S. Farm Insurance is provided by Athena Insurance and Financial Services an Independent Farm Insurance Broker established in 1996. Farm Insurance is part of our core business and we want to grow our business with you.


We now operate in over 44 States and ever expanding.  For a complete list of our States we keep a list on our main site. Click Here for list.

Insurance Companies

Over the years we have continued to expand our opportunities with the major insurance companies in the farm insurance industry.  If you have been in business on large commercial farm operations you know it can pay to do some shopping every few years.  This re-marketing process can sometimes be daunting for farmers. We take the “daunt” out of shopping and bring it to the light of day! Let us do the shopping for you.

Shopping for your insurance needs is what we do.  For many of the small hobby farms there is not enough “room” to get the premiums down because they are near industry “common” minimums.

On the very large accounts it is a matter of finding the carrier that is looking for a good quality account and is willing to apply good discounts in order to try to take that business from the insurance carrier.

The process can work the other way also.  If you have losses or your particular type of operations have suffered substantial losses, your carrier may chose to non-renew.  Now what do you do?

With you simply ask us, or we notify you, to re-market you farm business insurance need with others carriers.  We do not charge you to shop.  Why? The reason is this.  We get paid by the insurance carriers “when and if” we place the business with them.  Sometimes we include an agency fee to cover cost. And if we do, we disclose this to you upfront with the proposals.  We are competitive!

Types of Insurance*

  • Farm & Ranch Packages
  • Dairy Farms & Operations
  • Cattle Farms
  • Poultry Farm & Processors
  • Equestrian Clubs
  • Horse Trainers
  • Commercial Ag
  • Commercial Trucking and Auto
  • Life
  • Health
  • Annuity
  • Event
  • Construction
  • Logging & Timber
  • Personal

We can insure virtually every type of Agriculturally related operation in almost all States. Call today or use our contact form here: Click

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