Iowa Farm Insurance Today!

Iowa farm insurance for Iowans is very important! According to state ranking for the year 2014 Iowea ranked number 2 in terms of sales receipts totaling a staggering $30,646,652 in receipt for all commodities.  (see USDA siteFarm and Agriculture Insurance

For many many commercial agricultural farms this means having the proper insurance is a necessity. The considerations for the farmers protection against property and liability losses are a reality year after year. So having a directory of competing Agents and Companies is a must!

Comparing “apples to apples” (no pun intended) when it comes to insurance can sometimes be a real challenge. At we seen the need for an online directory of “screened” Agents, Brokers and Companies that “actually” offer Agricultural and Farm Insurance Services.

At a minimum, in order to be considered for a listing on the Business listing it’s services must insure Farms and Ranches in one of the following lines of insurance.

  1. Farm Liability insurance
  2. Commercial Agricultural insurance
  3. Commercial/Business Auto insurance
  4. Farm Property insurance
  5. Equine Liability, Care Custody and Control insurance
  6. Equine Mortality insurance
  7. Workers Compensation insurance
  8. Farm Supervisor liability insurance
  9. Bonds / Surety
  10. Life insurance
  11. Flood Insurance
  12. Crop Insurance
  13. Specialty insurance such a Upick, Christmas Tree Farm, Hobby farm…ect.
  14. Timberman Loggers Broad form and General liability
  15. Farm Equipment Insurance
  16. Cattle Operations liability
  17. Dairy Insurance
  18. Aqua Farming Insurance
  19. Dude Ranch Insruance
  20. Carriage Wagon Liability
  21. Horse Show Liability
  22. Hunt Club
  23. Farm Contractor License Bonds
  24. Farm Labor Bonds
  25. Vineyard Insurance
  26. and / or other forms related to the Farmers and Ranchers


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Customized Reviews for Agents

Five Stars? or ONE!

  1. How would you rate the overall experience with the Agent / Agency?
  2. Were you able to talk to someone within a 24 hour window period of time
  3. Very important! Did the Agent offer the farm insurance
  4. We you offered a quote within a reasonable period of time (48-72 hours?) larger account can take weeks.