Your Request for a quote is on it’s way! Congratulations.

What next? Your quote will be reviewed and an Client or Prospect file will be created in our agency at Athena Insurance and Financial Services.

One of our agent or staff will be in contact with you if we need more information.  Remember, we must have hard copy loss runs from your prior insurance company if you have had prior insurance. 


What happens if I do not have prior insurance Coverage? – Answer: We will submit to our insurance carriers that do not require prior insurance. For those that do? We will not be able to submit due to “prior insurance required” eligibility.

When will I be eligible to go to the companies that require prior insurance coverage? Answer: Generally we are looking at a minimum of 3 to 5 years of prior insurance history depending on the operations, claims and other underwriting information.  We will review you account each year to determine when we can do this.

How long does it take to get a quote? Answer: The turn around time, depending on the complexity of the account (and if you provided loss runs) will take approximately 5 working days.  Larger and more complex accounts will take longer.

What if I do not have five working days or longer until my renewal? Answer: Renew with your current insurance company.  We can still provide you with a quote but we do not advise you to go without insurance at anytime.  Also, be sure to see if your carrier has a “minimum earned premium” and “fully earned fees” before you make the decision to cancel after the renewal date.  If they do then possibly a goo time to switch would be after that time. Call (209) 223-1870 for a further understanding.

Can I email, fax or mail my current policies to you? Answer: Yes! We actually prefer to do a review of your existing insurance with you to get a better understanding of what you have and to discuss any changes that you would like to see.  We use an electronic fax so it is ok to fax large documents FAX (209) 223-3227.  If using U.S. mail ” Athena Insurance and Financial Services, 205 Court Street, Jackson CA 95642.

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